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Intersections and Inspirations

January 25, 2015

I haven’t been maintaining this WordPress account for several years. But, I’ve become involved in an exciting collaboration. And, through this collaboration we are maintaining a blog to document our work. So, suddenly my WordPress account began to matter again.

My current work is abstract painting extrapolated from the symbolic system encoded in Tarot Cards. This new collaboration has me working with dancers, animators, choreographers, costumers and other artists on this idea. Much more to come. Some here, and some on our shared blog:

Inspiring Influences

Yellow Ladder

May 25, 2010

I call this painting “Yellow Ladder” but of course, it is a complete misnomer.  The sky is yellow, and the ladder changes color as it climbs.  The painting is mixed media with oil paint on canvas.  It’s 24″ x 36″.  I was just starting to use a new medium (cold wax) when I did this painting and I like the way the wax gives it a more matte but still translucent quality.  I used one of my monoprints as a starting place.  Most of my tree paintings began with monoprints.